カリフォルニア大学バークレー校(UC Berkeley)での思考の記録。

Public Speaking: プレゼンの基本




引越しのための荷物の整理をしていて、前回の修士留学時代の授業(IPA: Introduction to Policy Analysis)で、Public Speakingの専門家を招いて行った講義がよくまとまっていて結構感動したのを覚えています。その授業をまとめたノートが出てきましたので、転記しておきます。




1. Basic organization

 - Attention getter: Rock the public

   - Ask questions

   - Shocking statistics

   - Quotes

   - Newspaper headline

   - Relate the audience with topics directly

 - Clear transition: Signal the audience. Make it overly obvious.

 - Internal summaries

 - Final summary

   - Future implecation to take action

   - Tell what we covered

   - No new information

- Conclusion and Throwback (Go back to the first slide and remind the audience of the materials that we started with)


2. Audience centered for everyone to feel included

 - Don't overestimate audience's knowledge

 - Relate directly to the audience

   - Tell them you know who they are.

   - They feel connected with your presentation.

 - Avoid being overly technical

 - Personalize ideas

   - We want to hear human element of your presentation. 

 - Establish credibility

   - Rearch

 - Demographic Analysis


3. Mechanics of delivery

 - We must be aware that we are always communicating.

 - Methods of delivery

   - Memorize

   - Read

   - Extempraneous: Sounds conversational

 - Find people who are interested in your presentation and look into them

   - Focused eye contact

   - Really look into somebody

 - Credibility and vocal pattern and facial expression

   - Do not make room to doubt your presentation

 - Distance

   - Think about stepping out to get closer to the audience


4. Using power point / vidual aid

 - Less is more

 - Avoid revealing slides until you are ready to discuss

 - Interact with audience

   - Take questions

   - Get close to the audiences etc